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14th - 15th March 2020

About NSUT Model United Nations

NSUT MUN is widely recognised as a highly acclaimed conference, where the agilest of minds, and most persevering of teams unite to create a conference which is not only memorable but inspiring. It is time to finally raise curtains for NSUT MUN’2020, which will be held on 14th March – 15th March 2020 at Netaji Subhas University of Technology, Delhi. The conference comprises of five dynamic committees with unique agendas which highlight the issues of national and global concern and prompt the delegates to find solutions to pressing affairs, while maintaining ingenious diplomacy. Whether you are an experienced delegate or a novice into an intellectually thrilling simulation of this sort, NSUT MUN 2020 will surely provide you with the right mix of challenge and guidance, and be a pivotal point for your MUN experience in the future.

NSUTMUN 2020 Committees


Meet the team

Ishaan Srivastav
Ishaan Srivastava
Secretary General
Amartya Palash
Amartya Palash
Deputy Secretary General
Kartik Singhal
Kartik Singhal
Director General
Shrid Pant
Shrid Pant
Director General
Vaishali Sharma
Vaishali Sharma
Director - Internation Press

Message From The Team

Dear Delegates,

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you all to the 9th session of NSUT Model United Nations Conference, the flagship event of Colloquium - NSUT’s Debating and Literary Festival which will be held between the 14th and 15th of March, 2020.

As a conference recognised by the United Nations itself and being organized in collaboration with UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan, NSUTMUN has provided a platform for students to gain awareness on contemporary global issues, to debate and negotiate on these issues in a public quorum, and to explore the world of international politics, all as young adults. The delegates co-operate and come up with instrumental resolutions each year, committing their work to diplomacy. We have no doubt this year will reach the same standards, if not even higher.

This edition assures an extremely comprehensive and sophisticated conference with five unique and dynamic committees. These committees will experience severe deliberation on national and global issues prompt the delegates to find solutions to pressing affairs while maintaining ingenious diplomacy.

Whether you are a newcomer to MUNs or have become a MUN veteran, we sincerely hope that you can have a memorable experience with NSUTMUN 2020’ this spring. Please do not hesitate to reach us should you have any enquiries. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” - let NSUT be that one step in your pursuit and join us to embark on the quest to “change the world, one resolution at a time”.

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